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ARCOR® EE-96 is a solvent free. two-component high wear and abrasion resistant rebuilding compound ideal as a rebuilding/repair material for metals damaged by corrosion/erosion, ab...
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ARCOR™ EE-97 is a solvent free, two-component, stainless steel reinforced rebuilding compound which can be used to repair any metal surface that has been damaged, cracked or worn. ...
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ARCOR Spraythane

ARCOR™ SPRAYTHANE is a high elongation, elastomeric, hybridized epoxy/urethane. It is designed as a high resilience, high tear resistant, high impact resistant coating that is idea...
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ARCOR S-30 Prime

A solvent free, high functionality epoxy Novolac designed as a corrosion inhibiting primer for steel and metal alloys in immersion service....
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