Technology In The Right Place — At The Right Time.

Who we are:

ARCOR® is the proven pioneer in the development and application of epoxy-based systems—recognized worldwide as leaders in the epoxy industry since 1983.

We are capable of providing turn-key application for any project, large or small, and located anywhere in the world. We also can provide supervision and training for your personnel or your local contractors. 

Our Products:

Our products are among the most advanced group of epoxy-based systems on today’s market.

All of our products are designed to be free of solvents and silicas. This allows for safe application in all confined spaces and provides for a much faster cure than traditional solvented epoxies allowing for a more rapid turnaround of application projects.

Why Choose Us:

We at ARCOR® believe that no two projects are alike. ARCOR® takes great pride in flawlessly finding customized solutions for each new problem, no matter what the scale.

Years of experience combined with leading edge technologies in products and applications have made ARCOR® the industry’s first choice in epoxy solutions.

ARCOR's Dedication to Quality

ARCOR ensures everything from packaging and raw materials are sourced here in the United States. That means our sticks, squeegees, boxes, resins, amines, mineral fillers, and even the machinery and equipment we use to make it. Ensuring our products are 100% American made.