About ARCOR® Epoxy Technologies

ARCOR® has designed and manufactured high performance epoxy coatings and metal rebuilding compounds since 1982. Our products are 100% American made and sourced
inclusive of packaging. Our offices are in Boston, Massachusetts and New Orleans, Louisiana with supporting sales offices in Houston, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois and Seattle, Washington.

In addition to the manufacture and sale of our epoxies we also provide full installation services through our subsidiary located in Massachusetts and Louisiana. We are capable of providing turn-key application for any project, large or small, located anywhere in the world. We also can provide supervision and training for your personnel or your local contractors.

All ARCOR® products are designed to be free of solvents. This allows for safe application in all confined spaces and provides for a much faster cure than traditional solvented epoxies allowing for a quicker turnaround of application projects. Faster turnaround lessens downtime for critical components and naturally saves on cost as systems are restored.

ARCOR® has developed a plural component spray system which allows our coatings to be spray applied without the addition of solvents. This brings the advantages of our solvent free epoxy technology to large scale projects with the increased efficiencies of spray application versus hand application.

ARCOR® continually modifies its product offerings to bring the latest in epoxy technology to its customers. We focus on the most rigorous, highest performance raw materials to find the best in chemical, heat and abrasion resistance. Our products are custom designed for specific aggressive industrial uses particularly in immersion environments of saltwater, acids and caustics.

ARCOR® coatings are used extensively for repair and lining of components in many industrial areas including:
We have an extensive list of applications throughout the world including nuclear power facilities in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan and Armenia. In fossil power facilities we have installed systems in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Thailand, India, Philippians, England, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. We have extensive installations in the Marine industry including over 300 vessels for the U.S. Navy including condensers on several nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines.

Heat Exchanger • Concrete • Demineralization • Condensers • Filters • Crude Oil Tanks • Chillers • Processing Equipment • Chemical Tanks • Potable Water • Tanks • Neutralization tanks • Pumps • Ion Exchange • Condensate Tanks • Waste Water Treatment • Flooring • Caustic Tanks • Secondary Containment • Pipes • Acid Tanks

Our list of customers include General Electric, Dow Chemical, 3M Corporation, British Petroleum, Siemans, Exxon/Mobile, TRANE, Flowserve, Clariant Chemical, Johnson Matthey, Champion International, Scott Paper, International Paper, 33 Nuclear Power plants in the U.S. and 17 overseas.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our company and how we may solve your severe corrosion problems utilizing our technology in an efficient cost effective manner.