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An Introduction of the ARCOR Website

We have designed this site to give you as much information about Arcor, our products and our people as we can here, but we also wanted this site to be a learning center for those people who are charged with the responsibility to reduce and repair the damages in their facilities brought on by harsh environment in this, our Knowledge Section, you will find an abundance of information about epoxies in general.

  • We explain what the differences are between various resin systems.
  • We have a primer on the additives and fillers that are used and what the role of each should be
  • We have a section that better defines erosion and another on corrosion and on how the two interact

These tools and others become very helpful in the product selection process.  We believe in that old adage that an informed customer is our best customer.

If you have a chance visit our Innovation Section, you will see what sets Arcor apart from other epoxy manufacturers.  You can learn more about the unique methods that we use to design not only our products, but our application methods, and even some of the equipment used to get the job done right.  You will also find a large selection of case histories that can be an education in itself.  That section covers the gamut from day to day MRO repair work all the way to large protective coating applications and everything in between.

When you are looking for specific product information, you will find it in our Performance Section.

  • There is a “quick list” of products for our regular experienced customers
  • If you need more information go to our “product description list” Each of these lists will link you to our data application cut sheets for more specific data and will also link you to an MSDS sheet for each
  • You will also find a guide that will explain our Product Selection Codes.  Each product is given a PSC number that helps you compare it to other Arcor products in relation to its performance in abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, temperature limits etc.
  • In this section you will also find an abundance of test data that have been run on particular products and some comparisons to other epoxy based products

We are always growing and looking to the future.  For opportunities contact us!