Secondary Containment Protection & Restoration

ChemGuard coating and rebuilding systems have been developed directly from ARCOR high performance immersion coatings, guaranteeing they will provide maximum containment during any rupture of the primary vessel, meeting all EPA guidelines. This system will provide the superior performance that only 100%-solids “Novolac” epoxy systems can provide, and contain no hazardous VOC’s for minimal disruption in the work environment.

Spray able 100% Solids Novolac Epoxies, Carbon Steel, Stainless, Concrete, Aluminum, Flex Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Epoxy ‘Concrete’ For Large Fill Areas, Speed turn-around, Cure For Service in 12 Hrs.

ChemGuard Systems from ARCOR:

Arcor formulates products to protect against erosion and corrosion, however there are times when one side of this equations takes more precedence than the other. When a corrosive environments moves towards the extreme side, look to the following chemical resistant Arcor products:

ARCOR® EE-10 A thin film unfilled 100% solid resin system which can be used either as a surface primer or a top coat. Suitable for long term exposure or immersion of any caustic, and high concentrations of most organic and inorganic acids including 98% Sulfuric Acid. (100 % solid, unblended 3.2 functionality Novolac resin)

ARCOR® EE-11 A thicker, ceramic filled version of EE-10. It has the same great corrosion resistance with some additional wear resistance added in.

ARCOR® S-20 A heavy duty system designed for both corrosion and heavy erosion services. S-20 is designed with a variety of fillers including tabular aluminum, mineral fibers, and a unique combination of over twenty other performing enhancing agents creating a truly one of a kind coating system.

ARCOR® EE-121 Step up to the highest level of corrosion protection on the market. Originally designated EE-101, it was formulated to not only handle caustic, acids, and the like, but also to withstand long term immersion in most solvents including methanol. And after an additional twelve years of rigorous testing and reformulating, EE-121 was introduced in 2004 as the first coating that could be field applied utilizing a 100% solid, unblended 3.6 functionality Novolac resin system.

ARCOR® EE-121-HT When chemical attack is accelerated by higher heat conditions, we offer 121 high heat. We may sacrifice a little chemical resistance, but this coating can be used in dry applications up to 600F and immersed conditions of up to 350F.

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