Protection Against Chemicals, Impact & Abrasion

ConcreteGuard protective systems are developed directly from ARCOR’s high performance immersion coatings. This system provides the superior performance that only 100%-solids “Novolac” epoxy systems can provide.  Perfect for protecting all concrete structures and high traffic areas.

FLOORING SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (Application Procedure for ConcreteGuard)

Rugged, good looking and easy to maintain ConcreteGuard™ Systems are suitable for virtually any Industrial or Heavy Commercial Flooring Need:

  • Safety
  • Safety Nonslip
  • Highly-Durable Traffic Lines
  • OSHA Repairing Walking Surfaces
    Concrete Step Repair, Broken Expansion Joints, High Wear Areas
  • Repair Pump and Column Pedestals
  • Secondary Containment
  • Sanitary Service

ARCOR Products Used for ConcreteGuard


ARCOR® EE-80 – A deep penetrating epoxy which provides excellent anchoring for every repair or topcoat, even on the most chemically or physical damaged concrete surface.

Safety Nonslip and Indestructible Traffic Lines:

ARCOR® EE-80 – See Above.

ARCOR® 1321 – With appropriate selected aggregate provides and indestructible coating for any desired level of slip resistance or markings.

Concrete Step Repair:

ARCOR® EE-80 – See Above

ARCOR® Arcrete – An Impacted and Chemical resistant epoxy concrete; requiring minimal forms.

Broken Expansion Joints:

ARCOR® EE-80 – Seep Above

ARCOR® Arcthane – Joint filler with excellent chemical, and wear resistance.

ARCOR® Arcrete – See Above

High Wear Areas, Repair Pump and Column Pedestals:

ARCOR® EE-80 – See Above

ARCOR® Arcrete – See Above

ARCOR® 1321 – See Above

Secondary Containment:

ARCOR® EE-80 – See Above

ARCOR® Arcrete – See Above

ARCOR® EE-10 – A high functionality epoxy Novolac coating especially suited for aggressive acid environments. EE-10 is suitable as a primer as well as a topcoat. Excellent against 98% Sulfuric Acid..

Sanitary Service:

ARCOR® S-16 – Solvent free epoxy coating that meets the NSF Std. 61 for Potable Water linings. Also complies with USDA and FDA standards for incidental food contact. Performs in all water environments, mild acids & caustics.

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