Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems Protection & Restoration

FGDGuard Systems provide the superior performance that only 100%-solids high functionality “Novolac” epoxy systems can provide. This coating and rebuilding system can handle the unpredictable, extremely corrosive environments found within FGD systems. Contains no hazardous VOC’s for minimal disruption in the work environment and ease of use in confined space.

Absorber Inlet Duct, Absorber Drip Ledge, Absorber Outlet, Demister Sections, Reheat Mixing Zone, Outlet Duct Dampers, Stack Feed Tanks, Recycle Tanks, Limestone Tanks, Pumps, Slurry Piping, Venturi Sections, Quencher Duct/Zone, Intake Air Preheaters, Emission Control (Bag House’s Floors, Walls and Ducting).

FGDGuard Systems from ARCOR:
Spray able 100% Solids Novolac Epoxies, ‘In-House’ Turn-Key Application, Flex & Abrasion Resistant, High Build to 100 Mils/Coat.

ARCOR Products Used for FGDGuard:

ARCOR® EE-80  Very low viscosity epoxy penetrating pre-primer. Suited for use on large surface areas to hold the blast until the coating system can applied, up to 7 days. Increases adhesion to surfaces which cannot be blasted to an SP5.

ARCOR® S-20  Sprayable inhibit corrosion or mechanical damage. Eliminates corrosive undercutting and service temperature to 4o0ºF.

ARCOR® EE-92  A high functionality epoxy Novolac rebuild material formulated for the highest abrasion resistance. Excellent resistance to a wide array of acids, solvents and alkalis. Service temperature to 450ºF.

ARCOR® EE-94  Rebuilding material for metals in immersion service. Ideally suited as a restoration or cladding material for corrosion and abrasion protection in highly aggressive environments. Can be applied to 500 mils without slump.

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