Pulp & Paper Systems Protection

MillGuard epoxy based coating systems are used to restore and protect equipment used in a wide variety of high-service paper mill applications. MillGuard Systems have become a valuable resource for maintenance managers by reducing downtime and extending the service life of system components.

MillGuard Systems from ARCOR:

  • 100% Solids Formulations, No VOC’s, No Workplace Disruption.
  • Solvent-Free Spray Application, Minimize Downtime.
  • Metal-specific coatings which restore and protect rollers, pumps, selectifier screens, storage tanks and many other applications
  • Impact Resistant, high compression strength
  • Superior chemical resistance in acids, caustics, and liqueur.
  • Concrete-specific coatings which restore and protect secondary containment and other concrete flooring.

ARCOR Products Used for MillGuard

ARCOR® EE-10 A high functionality epoxy Novolac coating especially suited for aggressive acid environments. EE-10 is suitable as a primer as well as a topcoat. Excellent against 98% Sulfuric Acid.

ARCOR® EE-11 Topcoat  A multipurpose coating suited for aggressive acid and caustic service. Excellent at elevated temperatures to 300F immersion. High abrasion resistance. EE-11 has excellent flexibility.

ARCOR® S-20  This is the work horse of or entire line. When you see a combination of some or all of the above, S-20 should be your best solution.

ARCOR® EE-92  A high functionality epoxy Novolac rebuild material formulated for the highest abrasion resistance. Excellent resistance to a wide array of acids, solvents and alkalis.

ARCOR® EE-94  A moisture insensitive epoxy adhesive designed as an emergency repair or bonding material for metals, glass, concrete or wood. Sets in six minutes and can be put into service within one hour, and excellent composite to repair chipper disks.

ARCOR® 2211  A machine toolable epoxy rebuilding compound. It shares great chemical and temperature resistance.  Easy to mix and apply for excellent adhesion.

ARCOR® ARCRETE  An epoxy ‘concrete’ excellent for replacing larger volumes of concrete loss. Use with forms to rebuild pump & tank pedestals and berms. Can be coated within 8 hours allowing for reconstruction & coating in one setup.

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