Abrasion, Cavitation, & Corrosion Protection

PumpGuard epoxy based coating & rebuilding systems are used to restore and protect pumps used in a wide variety of high-service industrial applications. This system has become a valuable resource for maintenance managers by reducing downtime and extending the service life of important fluid flow systems.

PumpGuard Systems from ARCOR

  • 100% Solids Formulations, No VOC’s, User Friendly, Easy Mix
  • Impact Resistant – High Compression Strength
  • Superior Resistance to Aggressive Chemicals and Abrasion.
  • Rapid Cure – Less Downtime; 5-Minute Cure Emergency Repair

PumpGuard materials are easily mixed and applied ensuring a proper cure and excellent wetting to the substrate giving superior adhesion. This unique rheology also allows for vertical and overhead thickness up to 500 mils without slump or sag.

All products can be sanded and ground within a few hours. With full cures in as little as 2 hour, you can get your unit on line in record time. Solvent-free products are non-hazardous to minimize workplace disruption and are safe for confined spaces.

Including all equipment associated with Fluid Flow Systems.

Pumps are the one piece of equipment that sees it all, oxidation, chemical corrosion, attack from bacteria, erosion from entrained solids, electrolysis, and cavitation. Choose from the following for your particular need:

ARCOR® EE-11 For pumping systems where the primary problems are from chemical attack.

ARCOR® EE-121 For pumping systems moving excessively aggressive acids or solvents such as methanol.

ARCOR® S-20 This is the work horse of or entire line. When you see a combination of some or all of the above, S-20 should be your best solution.

ARCOR® S-30 Heat exchanger tube sheets and water boxes or other areas where electrolysis is the primary problem. S-30 Prime is filled with additional zinc oxide for added protection against cathodic disbondment. This is a two coat system utilizing S-30 as the top coat which is also rated good for protection against the other damaging effects of erosion/corrosion in pumping systems.

ARCOR® 8510 This product has been especially formulated for equipment suffering from excessive cavitation. 8510 is filled with special flexuralizers that absorb the damaging energy forces of cavitation. We have even had excellent success in higher head hydro dams of up to 80 meters of head pressure.

 ARCOR® S-16 Is used in pumping systems where the coating has to meet NSF-61 standards for potable water.

Repairing already damaged equipment:

If you equipment needs repair prier to coating you may wish to consider one of the following for the repair work.

ARCOR® 2211 Creamy, user friendly rebuilding composite with good chemical and excellent abrasion resistance. 2211 is also fully machinable when close tolerances must be met.

ARCOR® EE-92 Also a very user friendly composite material with excellent abrasion resistance as well as excellent chemical resistance.

ARCOR® EE-94  Our most wear resistant composite material for systems that pump very high solid contents such as dredging equipment.

ARCOR® Arcthane This is a unique hybridized urethane that can be used to rebuild worn rubber seats in large butterfly valves. We often rebuild them in place by using the flapper edge itself to form the seat.  Arcthane has excellent chemical, wear, and cavitation resistance and will usually outlast a new valve seat. It is also excellent for resurfacing the inside of older expansion joints in larger pipes.

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Also: We suggest that you check out our section on “What goes into an epoxy composite or coating.” You will find, along with other information presented on this website, very informative.