Protective Epoxy Systems for Tank Applications

TankGuard Protective epoxy systems from ARCOR offer the ultimate in performance for a wide range of tank applications:

  • Safety Issues, Chemical Storage, Petroleum, Water Treatment, and Potable Water and Secondary Containment repair and protection
  • Process Blending, Separating, Heating or Cooling
  • Stationary Tank Farms, Mobile Tankers Trucks, and Tanker Barges
  • Liquids and Solids All equipment associated with transporting in or out!

Providing resistant coating for:

Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Acids, Caustics, Alcohols, Solvents, Nuetralization, Wastewater, Demin Water, Portable Water, Carbon Filter, FGD Recycle.

TankGuard Systems from ARCOR:

Sprayable 100% Solids Novolac Epoxies, High Build to 100 Mils/Coat, Flex Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Carbon Steel, Stainless, Concrete, Aluminum, Cure For Service in 12 Hrs.

ARCOR Products Used for TankGuard

Stationary Storage Tanks Holding Corrosive Chemicals

  • ARCOR® EE-10 – A suitable as a primer as well as a thin film topcoat in acidic environments.
  • ARCOR® EE-11 – A filled resin system to provide both high abrasion and chemical resistance, plus excellent flexibility.
  • ARCOR® EE-121 – Our highest chemical resistant resin system for the extreme acid, caustic service and solvents.

Blending Tanks – Chemicals processing with possible entrained solids (abrasions mechanisms)

  • ARCOR® S-20 – Most versatile and best all-around epoxy coating with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

Process Vessels

Transport Vessels – Tanker Trucks, Offshore Workboats,Tank Barges, ect….

Potable Water

  • ARCOR® S-16 – Meets the NSF Std. 61 for Potable Water linings. Also complies with USDA and FDA standards for food contact. Performs in all water environments, mild acids & caustics.

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