Rebuild & Protect

WearGuard epoxy systems are used to restore and protect metals in a wide variety of high-service industrial applications.

WearGuard Systems from ARCOR:

  • 100% Solids Novolac Epoxies
  • Superior Resistance to a Wide Array of Acids & Caustics
  • High Build Allows for One Coat Coverage to 1,000 mils
  • Excellent Adhesion without Primer
  • Impact Resistant
  • High Compression Strength
  • Superior Abrasion & Cavitation Resistance
  • Cure for Service in 1-12 Hrs
  • Temperature Limits to 500ºF dry and 280ºF submersed

WearGuard materials are easily mixed and applied.  Primer’s excellent wetting to substrate gives superior adhesion.  This unique rheology also allows for vertical and overhead thicknesses up to 1,000 mils without slump or sag.

Products can be sanded and ground within a few hours.  Solvent-free products are non-hazardous to minimize workplace disruption and are safe for confined spaces.

ARCOR Products Used for WearGuard

ARCOR® EE-92  A high functionality epoxy Novolac rebuild material formulated for the highest abrasion resistance. Excellent resistance to a wide array of acids, solvents and alkalis.

ARCOR® EE-94  Rebuilding material for metals in immersion service. Ideally suited as a restoration or cladding material for corrosion and abrasion protection in highly aggressive environments. Can be applied to 500 mils without slump.

ARCOR® 2211  Creamy, user friendly rebuilding composite with good chemical and excellent abrasion resistance. 2211 is also fully machinable when close tolerances must be met.

ARCOR® S-20  This is the work horse of or entire line. When you see a combination of some or all of the above, S-20 should be your best solution.  A machine toolable epoxy Novolac rebuilding compound.  It shares the same high end chemical and temperature resistance as EE-92.  Easy to mix and apply for excellent adhesion.

ARCOR® SPRAYTHANE  A Sprayable hybrid epoxy-urethane, highly resilient, tear resistant and impact resistant coating to combat cavitation and abrasion. Excellent for large circulation and irrigation pumps.

ARCOR® EE-11 Topcoat  A multipurpose coating suited for aggressive acid and caustic service. Excellent at elevated temperatures to 300F immersion. High abrasion resistance. EE-11 has excellent flexibility.

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