Circulating Water Pump Coating

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Circulating Water Pump Coating


ARCOR® S-16 provides a long term solution to salt water immersion and high wear.

ARCOR® coated the (3) Main Salt Water Circulating Water Pumps at a Nuclear power Facility in the north-eastern US.

After 12 Years the first unit was taken out for a recoat. To the customers surprise the unit coating was nearly 85% complete.

ARCOR® installed the original coating in a 3-Coat system, S-16 White, S-16 Red, S-16 Blue. After an abrasive blast with Coal Slag, to an SP-5 White Metal with a 3+mil profile the unit was coated with (3) 15 mil coats of S-16 for a total DFT of 45 mils

The Pump Unit components were hand tooled, sanded and sandblasted with garnet to remove all loose or damaged ARCOR® S-16 coating and to clean and profile any bare metal.

The pump components were then sprayed with a coat of ARCOR® S-16 White at 10 mils. A final coat of ARCOR® S-16 Blue was spray applied at 15 mils. The finished components were then spark test to insure a pinhole free coatings. Final DFT’s showed a 55 mil final DFT (the original coating was 45 mils, we essentially removed the top 15 mil coat leaving 30 mils of original undamaged coating, and added 2 coats of new S-16 at 25 mils). The customer does not plan to review the coating for 20 years!!

Note: The remaining (2) Main Circulating Water Pumps were already scheduled to come out for recoat over the next 2 years. However due to the amazing performance after ARCOR® S-16 the specifications were changed to a repair of existing S-16 and not replacement. ARCOR® did the 2nd unit the following year and the 3rd unit the year after that. All 3 units exhibited the same ARCOR® S-16 durability with each nearly 85% intact after 12-14 years.