Concrete Tank Coating

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Concrete Tank Coating


ARCOR® can provide Pinhole free Concrete Tank Coatings without using Fiberglass Composte.

ARCOR® uses a 4 coat system with step up increases in viscosity. The gradual increases in viscosity with each coat allows for a progressive filling and bridging of pinholes effectively sealing the concrete for a pinhole free finish without the need for labor and product intensive fiberglass composite inlays.

ARCOR® EE-80 is applied at 2 mils. EE-80 is a very low viscosity pre-primer, which penetrates into all holes and pits, clinging to edges. This ‘seals’ the concrete.

All major holes & inactive cracks are filled with ARCOR® EE-95.  All all joints and active cracks are filled with ARCOR® ARCTHANE which provides for relief of stress and flexural movements.

A second coat of ARCOR® EE-79 is then applied at 4-6 mils. Like EE-80, this an unfilled product which is thicker. This more viscous product will fill and bridge small pinholes.

A third coat of ARCOR® S-15 is applied at 8-10 mils. S-15 is filled a filled product which will fill & bridge larger pinholes. The product also imparts color and has wear resistant ceramics.

A fourth coat of ARCOR® EE-11 is applied at 12-15 mils. This fills & bridges remaining pinholes. The EE-11 is ceramic filled for wear resistance and is a Novolac Epoxy suited for chemical resistance to a wide array of chemicals from acids to caustics and solvents.