LSU Medical School, New Orleans

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LSU Medical School, New Orleans

The LSU Medical School walk-overs connect several buildings at their downtown New Orleans medical/dental/nursing schools. They protect the faculty and students from weather and traffic, and are utilized 24 hours daily. Several of the hallways are enclosed and others are partially exposed to weather. There was an existing rubber coating on the walkways but the Tennant (cleaning machine) kept wearing off the coating requiring constant repair. An added requirement was for a system that could be applied over the 4th of July four-day holiday (Th, F, S, S) and be walked on at the resumption of classes Monday morning. ARCOR® provided the turn-key installation of our Spraythane, an epoxy/urethane hybrid. Spraythane provides the strength and durability of an epoxy with the resiliency of a urethane. The ARCOR® Spraythane offered an ideal solution for high traffic, high wear seen on the walkways, coupled with the flexural and thermal stresses exhibited due to the varying environmental conditions (inside and outside) and those resulting from the structural movements seen in elevated walkways. The existing flooring was removed and the concrete was prepared using a scarifier with dust collection. Areas were degreased as needed and diamond grinders were used to remove imperfections and to v-out cracks. Finally, a full clean by power wash.

ARCOR® ARCTHANE elastomeric epoxy putty was used to caulk all cracks and expansion joints.

ARCOR® Spraythane was then applied by squeegee in a single coat at 24 mils. A back roll with a poly core roller created raised ridges which provided a non-slip surface. The linear ridges provide channels for movement of water and other liquids, especially in heavy rain. Additionally, they allow for easier cleaning than a more traditional non-skid aggregate scatter. Regular mechanical cleaning with floor cleaning chemicals has had no impact on the Spraythane. The non-slip ridges have had no degradation and the Spraythane shine continues.