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Luminent Floor


ARCOR® provides coating of new and existing components for longer life in hi-wear areas with improved efficiency. ARCOR® uses a 2-Coat System with EE-11 Prime (w/ additives to minimize corrosive undercutting much as a zinc primer would) and S-20 for a hi-wear, low coefficient of friction finish. This will improve flow efficiency. EE-92 is a companion hi-wear rebuild. A New Agitator is blasted the coated with ARCOR EE-11 Prime. ARCOR EE-92 was added to increase wear resistance/life. The ARCOR EE-11 Prime is then hand rubbed to ‘slick out’ the EE-92 prior to final coating with ARCOR S-20. A New Valve and Impellor are blasted and coated with ARCOR EE-11 Prime and ARCOR S-20.

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