Treasure Island Casino, Las Vegas

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Treasure Island Casino, Las Vegas


A facility in Las Vegas, Nevada was having a corrosion problem in its man-made lagoon.

A system of rail tracks used to move full sized replicas of mast ships within the lagoon were experiencing accelerated corrosion due to electrolysis.

The customer had tried standard paints to protect. They also had tried to isolate any causes of the electrolysis by isolating and insulating metal and electrical components, all to no avail. In late 2002, ARCOR ® ’s Rick Sinclair did an inspection and made a quick determination – “it’s the pennies”!! Thousands of coins are tossed into the lagoon on a weekly basis. Pennies from heaven perhaps; all to make wishes come true; but they created severe, damaging electrolysis for the metal structures within the lagoon (the customer collects $27,000+ in coins annually which are donated to local charities).The first job coating the tracks that the ships ride on. The vessels structural steel internals ARCOR ® ’s solution, implemented in Jan. 2003, was to abrasive blast the steel track on support structures and apply a 2-coat, 16 mil systems of ARCOR ® 1321 Black.

The ARCOR ® 1321 was an ideal ‘single-product’ solution as its suitable for immersion and non-immersion components. Additionally, it is a high wear product able to withstand the ongoing motion of the wheels on the tracks, and it is impervious to the chemicals used to treat the water.

After two years of impressive performance of the ARCOR ® 1321 on the underwater tracks and the vessel steel support structure, the customer approached ARCOR ® again regarding the degradation of the vessel hulls.

The hulls were a fiberglass composite (epoxy resin with fiberglass mat) and they had substantially degraded in the relentless Las Vegas sun, and the intense UV attack.

ARCOR ® , working with the design artists, recommended a complete sanding and cleaning the hulls.

The ARCOR ® is designed to handle exposure to UV without degrading. And it is an ideal product for adhesion to fiberglass and can also be used as a composite with fiberglass for repair.

The ARCOR ® 1321 was used with patches of fiberglass cloth to repair holes and other damage to the hulls prior to coating. The fiberglass patches were impregnated with mixed 1321 and laid over the damaged spots. Once set-up, the entire hull areas were coated with ARCOR ® 1321, spray applied by airless sprayer. The resulting ARCOR ® 1321 finish was deemed too shiny (looked like a Mercedes paint job), so the design artists used various methods in spots to antique it.

After nearly 15 years the ARCOR ® 1321 is still resisting corrosion and UV degradation!