Underground Transmission

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Underground Transmission


The City of Los Angles has several thousand 138 Kv cable joints made by G&W Corp.  Before the 1950’s they used bake-o-lite sheath insulators. Subsequently the joints were made with porcelain or glass insulators. Over time the bake-o-lite insulators become porous and allow water to enter the joint. When this happens the joint fails, requiring a very costly replacement, and significant downtime with the subsequent loss of revenue.

ARCOR® recommended its EE-11/EE-95 system.  After thorough cleaning, ARCOR®  EE-95 is used to rebuild and smooth the damaged insulator.  Once this has set a topcoat of ARCOR®  EE-11 is brush applied over the entire joint.  The system has excellent adhesion to the bake-o-lite/glass/porcelain and has the flex & resiliency needed to provide long-term performance from flexural and thermal stresses. As well as complete protection from water permeation.

For many years the ARCOR® system has been successfully used to seal the insulators and protect them from water permeation, and significantly extend the service life at a fraction of replacement cost.