What is a good ARCOR product to coat a new Aerator Rotor Assembly, Drive Shaft, and the bottom of the support frame?

Don Franke recommends the following ARCOR products to coat one new Aerator Rotor Assembly, drive shaft and the bottom of the support frame per drawing provided.

The coating system is as follows:

ARCOR EE-11 Prime applied by brush or roller at 10-15 mils to all surfaces.

ARCOE EE-92 applied by trowel over EE-11 Prime to front angle lower aerator blade and up two inches of vertical front at 1/4 inch.

ARCOR EE-92 to encapsulate all bolt heads applied at 1/8 inch plus.

ARCOR S-20 Gray top coat applied by brush or roller over all surfaces at 15-20 mils.

Surface preparation required is SSPC SP-5 Whit Metal with an angular surface profile of 3 to 5 mils by using virgin course coal slag or equivalent blast media. All edges shall be rounded to 1/8 inch radius prior to blasting. Substrate temperature must be over 55 degrees F and humidity below 90%.

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