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ARCOR Cured Samples

1) Sample Plate (a 2″ x 4″ Carbon Steel Plate coated on 1-side) suitable for demonstrating cured look and feel of epoxy.

2) Sample Plate Large (a 3″ x 6″ Carbon Steel Plate coated on 1-side)

3) Sample Plate Immersion Grade (a 2″ x 4″ Carbon Steel Plate coated on 2-side, per-drilled hole for hanging) suitable for in field immersion testing.

4) Sample Plate Large Immersion Grade (a 3″ x 6″ Carbon Steel Plate coated on 2-side per-drilled hole for hanging) suitable for in field immersion testing.

5) Sample Disk ;a 2″ diameter x 125 mil thick piece of epoxy suitable for lab testing. Also suitable for demonstrating cured look and feel of epoxy. Light weight compared to sample plates on steel. Smaller size allows for easier testing in lab beaker than Immersion grade sample plates on steel.

ARCOR Chemical Resistance Chart

Interpretation of Chemical Resistance The information in this chart is believed to be reliable and accurate. This information is intended as a guide for selecting products. for testing for appropriate chemical compatibility. Variations in temperature, concentrations, chemical combinations, durations of

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ARCOR Epoxy EE-121 & 121HT

ARCOR Epoxy EE-121 & 121HT Technical Review – Product Summary The ARCOR® EE-121 & EE-121HT are epoxies of ARCOR® design & manufacture. The application specification and spray procedures written by ARCOR®   provides for the best application of the product given

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ARCOR EE-95 Updated May 2020 GENERIC TYPE: AMINE CURED 100% SOLIDS EPOXY REBUILD DESCRIPTION AND RECOMMENDED USES: EE-95 is a solvent free epoxy Novolac designed particularly as a rebuilding material for metals in immersion service. It is Ideally suited for restoration

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ARCOR Usage Directory

POWERGUARD™ – Cooling/Service Water Systems Protection Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Condensers, Inlet/Outlet Piping, Impellors, Tubesheets, Channel Heads, Butterfly Valves, Waterboxes. TANKGUARD™ – Protective Epoxy Systems for Tank Applications ARCOR® 100%-solids spray able epoxy coatings and rebuilding materials are used for all

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ARCOR S-30 Prime

ARCOR S-30 Prime Updated May 2020 GENERIC TYPE: AMINE CURED 100% SOLIDS EPOXY PRIMER DESCRIPTION AND RECOMMENDED USES: ARCOR™ S-30 Prime is a solvent free, high functionality epoxy Novolac designed  as a corrosion inhibiting primer for steel and metal alloys in immersion

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