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ARCOR® Technical Specification

Soluble Chloride & Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) Remediation

ARCOR® recommends the following treatment for elevated levels of Chlorides and the observed MIC (microbiologically induced corrosion)

  • Sandblast & blowdown substrate to white metal;
  • Wash down the entire surface with Chlor-Rid; use 3,000psi power wash with Demin water and metering injection of Chlor-Rid at 1gal/100gal water. Work into deep pits/crevices; Calculate Chlor-Rid need at 300sf/gal.
  • Let sit for a minimum of 12 hours;
  • Inspect for evidence of continued chloride contamination; black shadows & streaking especially in deep pits. Test as needed using Chlor-Rid Test Kit;
  • If observation and/or testing indicated continued contamination repeat steps 2-4;
  • Wet entire surface with Shockwave RU; use undiluted and apply using a spray bottle for small areas and pump sprayer for larger areas. Make sure to wet all areas fully especially into deep pit. Work into crevices & pits using stiff bristled brush, pipe cleaner etc. Calculate Shockwave RU need at 500sf/gal;
  • Allow to set 60 minutes making sure all areas remain wet (apply additional Shockwave RU as needed);
  • Power wash the entire area with Demin water; apply dehumidification and air horns;
  • After area is completely dry sweep blast the entire area and apply dehumidification prior to coating.

Concrete Tank Coating

Concrete Tank Coating DOWNLOAD PDF ARCOR® can provide Pinhole free Concrete Tank Coatings without using Fiberglass Composte. ARCOR® uses a 4 coat system with step up increases in viscosity. The gradual increases in viscosity with each coat allows for a

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ARCOR S-30 Prime

ARCOR S-30 Prime Updated May 2020 GENERIC TYPE: AMINE CURED 100% SOLIDS EPOXY PRIMER DESCRIPTION AND RECOMMENDED USES: ARCOR™ S-30 Prime is a solvent free, high functionality epoxy Novolac designed  as a corrosion inhibiting primer for steel and metal alloys in immersion

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Wicket Gate Repair

Wicket Gate Repair DOWNLOAD PDF Case History #037 REV.04-97 Cast wicket gates used to direct the water flow over a hydro runner were damaged by corrosion. After abrasive-blasting, a three-coat system of Arcor™ S-30 was installed by hand, with ARCOR™

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ARCOR EE-71 Updated May 2020 GENERIC TYPE: AMINE CURED 100% SOLIDS EPOXY TOPCOAT DESCRIPTION AND RECOMMENDED USES: ARCOR™ EE-71 is a solvent free, high functionality epoxy Novolac coating suitable as a self-levelling flooring, particularly in aggressive environments with exposure to acids and

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About ARCOR® Epoxy Technologies ARCOR® has designed and manufactured high performance epoxy coatings and metal rebuilding compounds since 1983. Our offices are in Boston, Massachusetts and New Orleans, Louisiana with supporting sales offices in Houston, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Dallas,

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