Can we make a coating between 6 to 8 mm thick?

We have to make a coating between 6 to 8 mm thickness, average, how much will it cost for all systems by m²? I’m talking about primer, resins and whatever we need.

You have to understand that for more than 20/25 years I sold system ( Chesterton/Belzona ) where there is primer, a and b resins plus Quartz. System for 4 sq. meters and 16 sq. meters, 6 mm thickness all included.

If costumer has to rebuild they can use Sika or similar or more product, their choice.

What do you think we should do?

The biggest challenge is in calculating how much concrete will need to be rebuilt from severe damage. We do not provide the aggregate to fill the resin as it is low cost and easily obtained locally. A customer spends far more to ship than the quartz costs. Depending on type of aggregate the cost in the US would be $5.50 for basic clean/dry/screened quartz to hi-end garnet @ $16.75/ 50# bag. Silly to have a customer pay to ship such materials. We buy some of ours from the same supplier Chesterton uses. The average density is such aggregates is 2.5 which is about 10KG per gallon. What this means is that the aggregate is a cheap filler. 10KG of it will cover the same area as a gallon of product. For 8mm you would get coverage of .5 M2 per Gallon this does not include waste. So this would be 300 gal for the 150M2 area. A large part of this will be aggregate. If you were to trowel the whole area with 7mm ARCRETE and then coat with 1-mm 121.

We would suggest an easy to apply slurry of:

1 Gal ARCRETE + 33.5 # Quartz (3.8 L + 15.2 KG)

This makes 2.7 Gal of ARCRETE

This would cover .54 M2 @ 7mm

You would need:

278 gallons of mixed ARCRETE.

To make this requires 105 Gal ARCRETE + 3,500 # (1,600 KG)

Total needed:

(7) 15 Gal Kit ARCRETE

1600 KG Quartz Sand

(3) 15 Gal Kit EE-121

This should be sufficient for an average 8mm over the entire 150m²