Is it possible to spray ARCOR Epoxies with a conventional sprayer?

We would like to spray your ARCOR 8518. We have a conventional pressure pot sprayer, however your data sheets say that using one is ‘not recommended’. Is it possible to spray ARCOR Epoxies with a conventional sprayer?

Yes, we have used conventional pressure pot spray successfully with ARCOR Coatings.

Conventional spray will allow you greater control for spraying smaller components. Unlike plural systems we recommend, the conventional will require small amounts of mixed material and full cleaning between mixes, and regular replacement of the spray line. It is therefore much slower and not recommended for larger applications.

The 2 1/2 Gal unit we have used will usually take a max of 1 1/2 Gal of mixed product. But due to short pot life, do not mix more material than you can reasonably spray in 15 min. This allows time to take the unit apart and clean before the material sets.

In order to extend the pot life and lower viscosity to facilitate spraying and reduce material waste we recommend adding small amount of a non-polar solvent. Acetone or MEK are recommended with MEK being more most effective and requiring smaller amounts than the Acetone.

Add & mix the solvent into the Base. We recommend starting with 5oz per Gallon, and if necessary increase to a max of 10oz per gallon. It is advisable to use as small an amount of solvent as possible to guard against degradation of the coating and solvent entrapment.

Next add the Activator to the Base and mix till streak free, then add the mixed product to the pot.

Make sure to keep the product warm 72-80F(22-27C) prior to mixing.

Pots typically adjust from 45-100psi. Go with the max and adjust down.