Let’s Talk Epoxies


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What is an Epoxy

How to Select The Right Product

Diagnosing the situation

  • Typical forms of Corrosion
  • Typical forms of Erosion
  • Combined forms of Erosion/Corrosion

Recipe For a Composites/Coating

  • Variety and Combinations of Resin Systems
  • Curing Agents
  • Variety of Fillers and the Roll Each Plays

Matching Product to Application

General Application Instructions of Epoxy Composites/Coatings

Surface Preparations

  • Explanation of Nace Classifications
  • Various Methods used to achieve proper surface prep
  • When you can cut corners and when you can not

Effects of Temperature on Applications

Effects of Humidity on Applications

  • Watch the Dew Point

Dealing with Surface Contaminants


Generic Specifications for Application of Arcor Coatings

Fill in use for Specification of Bids And Quotes

Links to Other Related or Interesting Information