Can we use EE-121 Novolac Inside a tank that Contains Methanol MEK?

Can you confirm that we can use EE-121 Novolac inside a tank that contains Methanol MEK and similar solvents?

Yes, the EE-121 would be appropriate as long as the Methanol or MEK is not at elevated temperatures (>160F, 70C).

Due to the difficulty in overcoating the EE-121 with hand application (roller or brush) we recommend a prime coat of the S-20 at 15-20 mils (375-500 microns) followed by a coat of 121 at 30-40mils (750-1,000 microns).

For the ultimate performance it helps to do a post cure at an elevated temperature, but this is not required; 120F, 49C for 12 hours or 150F, 65C for 8 hours or 200F, 93C for 4 hours.