What can we do about the gap between the titanium sheet and tube sheet?

We are continuously facing problems in the condenser of all four units at our Power Station. The gap between the titanium sheet and tube always remain open due to the egress of chlorides present in sea water. What can you recommend?

We understand your problem, you have tube to tubesheet leakage, due to chloride transfer which is negatively impacting your condensate.

We have dealt with such issues successfully over the past 34 years. Within the US and internationally.

With sea water our preferred coating products are S-30 Prime & S-30.

ARCTHANE is used for the Tubesheet / Waterbox joint and EE-91 would be used as a rebuild for any large pits or gaps.

Titanium poses issues with proper surface preparation due to its hardness. Proper profile can be attained with proper selection of blast media and sufficient compressed air.