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ARCOR 2211
Updated May 2020



DESCRIPTION AND RECOMMENDED USES: ARCOR 2211 is the most unique repair composite material on the market today. It was formulated with a combination of different multi-functional resin groups, coupled with fine ceramic powders and enhanced with 23 different additives to create our ultimate weapon in the fight against erosion / corrosion. Holds 3/4” on a vertical surface, yet is so creamy you can smooth out like glass. Three times the bonding strength of our closest competitor. Three times the chemical resistance. Outwears other ceramic filled rebuilding compounds Fully machinable. Non-slumping characteristics makes 2211 perfect for molding worn parts in place to eliminate the need to machine. Everyday uses for a wide array of mechanical repairs, especially damage caused by the combined forces of erosion / corrosion.



TEMPERATURE: Immersion service

Max. 200ºF (3 hours) ; Spike to 230ºF (3 hours). Dry 400ºF. Spike 500º (3 hours).

ABRASION: Excellent

FILM THICKNESS: up to 500 mils vertical


Fair Flexural Strength 10,900 psi

APPLICATIONS: Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Circ. Pipe, Water Screens, Pumps, Impellers, Filters, Valves, Hydro Wheels, Tank Linings, Ion Exchange Filters, FGD, Ducts, Mix Zones, I.D. Fans, Scrubbers.



POT LIFE: 25 MIN / KG @ 72ºF


MIX RATIO: 2:1 by Volume (Base:Activator) 100 gm: 55 gm by Weight

COLOR:  Blue

SHELF LIFE:  5 Years at 55-95ºF (13-35ºC)

COVERAGE: varies with thickness applied

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 15 lbs (6.80 KG)


REVISED 4/2013


SURFACE PREPARATION: Metal surfaces are to be cleaned and degreased then abrasive blasted with chloride free abrasive. Exterior applications to SSPC SP-10 near white metal finish minimum 3 mil profile. Immersion applications to SSPC SP-5 White Metal, 3-5 mil profile. Grind flat all burrs, weld seams, radius sharp edges. Fresh blasted surfaces to be rebuilt as quickly as possible

to prevent oxidation of the surface. For larger surface areas with ferrous metals apply a primer layer of ARCOR™ EE-11 Prime to prevent oxidation of the surface and allow time for proper rebuilding of the damaged area.

Concrete surfaces should be degreased if oil and grease contamination is present. Degreased surface shall be high pres- sure washed, acid etched and high pressure washed again so surface is clean and free of all grease, oils and surface laitance. Existing coatings should be abrasive blasted to clean concrete. Prime with ARCOR™ EE-70, EE-79, EE-10

MIXING: Thoroughly mix Activator into Base with mixing stick or drill with low speed mixing blade scraping sides and bottom of container or mixing board. Mix by Volume 2 parts Base to 1 part Activator. Or by weight 100 grams base to 55 grams activator..  Mix thoroughly to produce an even colored, streak-free material.

THINNING: Never thin.

APPLICATION: Use heavy plastic squeegee or putty knife. Work material into profile of substrate to achieve maximum adhesion and to remove any entrapped air. Contour to correct form with putty knife or plastic applicator. If mold or form is used, coat its surface with a release agent to prevent adhesion of the material. Machining is possible using carbide tipped tools.

Grinding is possible if done within 14 hours of application at 77ºF, 25ºC (add 1-1/2 hour for each 10ºF below 77º, subtract 1 hour for each 10º above 77ºF). Large holes and cracks can be bridged with glass or metal cloth.

APPLICATION TEMPERATURE: Material: Keep between 55 to 95ºF (17 to 35ºC). Substrate: keep between 45 to 105ºF (7 to 40ºC). the difference in temperature of the substrate and the material should never exceed 10ºF, 5ºC. Substrate shall be a minimum of 5ºF (3ºC) above dew point. Do not apply if relative humidity exceeds 90%. If necessary heat the metal prior to surface preparation using electric heater or heat lamp. Never use gas, oil or kerosene heaters as they will leave a greasy residue on metal surface. For best results keep all material in warm area overnight (75ºF+) for ease of mixing. If necessary Base component of material can be heated by microwave for 30-45 seconds for a 1 KG Base unit or by warm water bath. Heat activated by warm water bath only. If necessary let material cool before application.

OVERCOAT / CURE TIME: Re-coat while material is still soft, between 6 to 14 hours at 77ºF, 25ºC. If overcoat window is exceeded abrade surface with course sandpaper, grinder or brush blast. Full cure before immersion 72 hours at 77ºF. Add 1 day additional cure time for every 10ºF below 77ºF. Subtract 15 hours of cure time for each 10ºF above 77ºF. Force cure with heat for best performance for 1 hour at 200ºF, 93ºC, 12 hours at 120ºF at 120ºF, 49ºC.

CLEAN UP: Clean tools immediately after use with M.E.K. or similar

WARNING: Base contains epoxy resin. Activator contains alkaline amines, a strong sensitizer. May cause skin irritation, sensitization or other allergic responses. Use with good ventilation, particularly if heated or sprayed. Prevent all contact with skin or eyes. Wear protective clothing, goggles, gloves or barrier creams. Keep containers closed when not in use. Wash thoroughly after handling. In case of skin contact immediately wash with soap and water. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical attention.

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