Aeration Basin

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Aeration Basin


Chemical Plant Wastewater Center in the Northeastern U.S.

ARCOR® EE-11; EE-79; EE-91

Concrete Wastewater Aeration Basin 120’ L x 40’ W x 35’ H. Severe concrete loss and contamination. Large numbers of ‘worm holes’ required utilization of a fiberglass reconstruction system to minimize pinholes, reducing overall quantity of material used. The entire surface was blasted with black beauty to remove failed concrete and contamination.

Repair: Cracks and expansion joints were filled with EE-91. This was fully cured to form a break between the EE-91 and the fiberglass composite minimizing the possibility of stress cracks radiating thru to the surface of the coating.

Prime: 20 mil spray application of EE-79 was used as a penetrating primer.

Intermediate: 40 mil application of EE-11 was spray applied as a ’hang coat’ for the fiberglass.

Intermediate: 1.5 oz x 60” W, fiberglass cloth was laid into the EE-11 and was wet out by rolling , patting and smoothing, by hand.

Final Coat: 40 mil cover coat was then spray applied to fully wet the fiberglass followed by a 40 mil finish coat to completely cover any protruding fiberglass strands. Total DFT 140 mils.

Basin #4 completed in 31 Days (July-Aug, 1997).
Unit remained in service until the Plant ceased operation in 2011.

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