Agitator; Chemical Plant

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EE-11Prime @ 15 mils

EE-92 @ 250 mils ‘Slicked Out w/ S-20

Completed with S-20 @ 20 mils

Agitator; Chemical Plant


OEM Facility Southern U.S – 2017


ARCOR® EE-11 Prime; EE-92; S-20


Agitator Blade used in a slurry with high wear as well as chemical attack. The customer has used ARCOR® for previous restoration of such agitators in-situ with great success and has specified new construction to be coated with ARCOR®.

Surface: Sandblast with Black Beauty (Coal Slag), remove all mill scale, 3-4 mil profile, SP5 White Metal.

EE-11 Prime was brush & roller applied at 15 mils.

Intermediate Coat:
EE-92 was squeegee and hand applied at 250 mils on each of the four blades leading faces and under the upper “kick plates”.

Slick-Out EE-92 with S-20; A little future explanation of what is meant by ‘Slicking-Out’ the EE-92. It is like working wet clay in pottery, or making ceramic figures. With EE-92 (or other ARCOR Rebuild) still a little soft but cured enough to stay in place when a slight force is applied, dip a gloved hand into a mixed jar of S-20 and work the surface to even out any bumps. Apply intermediate pressure, not enough to push the 92 but enough to work the S-20 into the top and smooth the finish. This method will also work to form an even leading edge on impellers and pump bowl vanes by using the ‘V’ of your thumb and index finger. Very therapeutic also.

Final Coat:
S-20 Gray applied by brush @ 20 mils.

By: Don Franke
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