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Divider Plate Repair


Case History #006  REV.04-97

LOCATIONFossil fuel power plant, U.S.A.


A cast iron waterbox divider plate, subject to salt water, developed a through-wall penetration and the area around this hole was severely thinned.

Both sides of the divider plate were abrasive-blasted to SSPC SP-5 white metal with a 3 mil minimum anchor profile. A base coat of ARCOR™ S-30 was applied to both sides after cleaning and vacuuming. While the S-30 was still wet, a small piece of 9.5-oz. fiberglass cloth was pressed into the coating to cover the hole. This cloth was then carefully wet out with more S-30.

Once the base coat had set up, a thick layer of ARCOR™ EE-91 was installed to level out the entire repair area. The next step was to install successive layers of fiberglass cloth, wet out with ARCOR™ ARCRETE resin, each piece being a little bigger so a sharp edge would not develop. This was repeated on each side of the divider plate until 12 layers of glass cloth had been installed. This was allowed to set up, then a top coat of ARCOR™ S-30 was installed. Total thickness of this repair system averaged 3/8-inch on each side of the divider plate.

This repair was completed in April 1989 and remained in service until the plant was retired in 1995.

Cracked floor on drain basin.

Application of ARCOR ARCRETE.

Unit completed and in service.

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