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Case History #013 REV.07-99

LOCATIONCoal plant in Midwest U.S.

ARCOR™ S-30 Prime, ARCOR™ EE-11, ARCOR™ EE-95

High incidents of chemical attack and particulate abrasion in WFC and Outlet Ducts of unit 3 and 4 scrubbers resulting in rapid metal loss.


ARCOR™ EE-11 is used for it’s high level of chemical resistance as well as it’s superior abrasion resistant characteristics through the use of ceramics. EE-11 is also uniquely resistant to resist cracking due to the flex and thermal expansion/contraction of the substrate.
Due to the high temperature gradients over the hot and cold wall i.e. ‘Cold Wall Effects’, a 100 mil system was recommended for long life.


The units were completed and restored to service in the Spring of 1994. Minor annual touch up has kept the lining fully performing.

Unit #3 and #4 scrubbers.

WFC coated with EE-11 at 100 mils.

Outlet complete with EE-30 prime and EE-11 at 75 mils.

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