Hydro Wheels Coating

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Hydro Wheels Coating with ARCOR® S-16


ARCOR® coated the  Hydro Wheels at a Great Lakes Facility in the northeastern US.

ARCOR® installed a 2-Coat system.  After an abrasive blast with Coal Slag, to an SP-5 White Metal with a 3+mil profile the unit was hand coated with (2) 15 mil coats of S-16 for a total DFT of 30 mils. Rebuild with EE-91 (Red in pictures) was done to bring heavily pitted areas back to original tolerances.

ARCOR® S-16 provides a long term solution to water immersion (Salt, Brackish, Fresh) and high wear, flow and impact.

Exterior Coating

ARCOR® S-16  is also an excellend solution for exterior use. At a nuclear facility in the northeast US they were experiencing severe corrosion on the exterior of their cooling tower water bypass pipe. ARCOR® S-16 was chosen for its excellent performance in water, high wear resistance and high impact reistance and it will not degrade in sunlight.

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