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Case History #012 REV.04-97

South Ukraine nuclear power plant Unit #3, Ukraine

ARCOR™ S-30 Prime, ARCOR™ TS-RB, ARCOR™ S-30

This nuclear power plant had problems with leaking tubes caused by inlet-end erosion and general leaking of condenser at tube-to-tubesheet joint. The outlet sheets were also getting severe scaling of 3-5 millimeters per year.

The first step was to install 6- to 8-inch metal inserts, 90/10 CuNi, in all tubes identified by the plant as leaking. These Inserts were expanded into the existing tubes using a deep roll to ensure a smooth transition into the existing tube.

The tubesheets were then plugged and abrasive blasted to an SSPC SP-5 White Metal finish. A 25-mil coat of ARCOR™ S-30 Prime was applied by a heated plural component sprayer. Pits were filled and weld seams stripped with ARCOR™ TS-RB then a final 25-mil coat of ARCOR™ S-30 was spray applied.


The project was completed in December 1994. Immediate improvement in condenser performance was noted. In June 1995 the unit was inspected. The plant determined that 95% of tube leaks were remedied by the tube inserts. The tube / tubesheet leaking was eliminated.

Additionally, the outlet scaling was easily removed by water blast. Inspection in December 1995 showed no damage to the coating and continued outstanding performance.

Unit #1 tubesheets were completed June 1995.
Unit #2 tubesheets were completed Sept. 1995.

Removal of outlet scaling.

Spray application of ARCOR S-30.

Installation of tube inserts.

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