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The STARBOUND underwent a major transformation
at Dakota Creek Industries in 2015. The Starbound
was built at DCI, in Anacortes, WA in 1989. The Starbound had 60 feet added to her midsection to accommodate a new fish meal/oil plant.

ARCOR® S-16, a 100% solids, 0% VOC 2-part
Epoxy was Plural Sprayer applied to the Fish Oil
and Ballast Tank Compartments in a single coat of 25

The ARCOR® S-16 has been immersion tested by
the company for 24 months prior to application with
no deterioration or weight gain. Nor was there any
leaching of S-16 to contaminate the oil.

Fish oil is very aggressive and typically stainless steel
would be used for its storage. The ARCOR® S-16 is
far less costly in material and in installation. Additionally
damage or defects are easily and quickly repaired
in the field.

For more information contact:
Kevin Todd, ARCOR Northwest
[email protected]

Above: Plural Spray Application of ARCOR® S-16 on
panels to be installed in the vessel Starbound.

They will form the walls of fish oil storage tanks in this
ocean going vessel.

The areas taped off are where the panels will be welded
onto the above deck and outer hull. This will prevent
burning /damage of the coating during the welding.
Once installed the welds will be ground and cleaned and ARCOR® S-16 will be roller applied with a 3” tie-in to
the previously sprayed areas.

This is a more costly method but yields a better finished

Plural Spray Application of ARCOR® S-16 by
Hunnicutts Inc. of Bellingham Washington under the
supervision of Ron Daniel of Dakota Creek Industries.

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